We have the most complete line of box handles to your packaging

Automatic Box Handle

Ideal for automated insertion, this box handle has square fitting. The standard color are natural and black. Can be used with our plastic reinforcement

Arrow Box Handle

Ideal for manual insertion, this box handle has the arrow fititng. Standard colors are natural or black. Can be used with plastic reinforcement

Box Handle

Ideal for cardboard boxes, this handle is anatomic and allows the fitting section of hand. Standard colors are black (base) and black or natural to the nearside.

Plastic Reinforcement

This plastic reinforcement allows you to extend the load capacity of your box. Can also be used as cradle for docking of the our box handles. Standard color is black.

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We are an agile industry, that fits your need. For more than 20 years in the market, we have a complete line of plastic handles and accessories for your packaging industry. We seek to become partners of our customers, breaking the simple relationship of supplier and we are proud of it. Seen as an agile development arm of ideas, we go beyond our own line and we are always able to develop new products and solutions. Need something even more customized? We will be happy to meet and develop a solution specific to your needs!

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